Are you hungry spiritually, perhaps even starving?  Are you needing your Faith to be stretched?  Yeshua (Jesus) said...humans shall not live by bread only.  It is critical for those who have placed their belief in Him as Savior to be nurtured in Faith.  It is equally important for us of Faith to do our part in tending to the needs of those who share in our Faith Fellowship. "Peter do you love me?" Tend my Sheep.  Come and gather with us and see if ZionSnoiZ Hill Country Hebraic Fellowship is for you....


One Messiah

One Body

One Faith

Gathering as ONE body in Messiah to celebrate His Appointed Times.

Upcoming Holy Feast Days and Gatherings:

Spirit of Shavuot Gathering: 

Saturday, June 9, 2018  7 pm

See "Events" page for more details    

       Weekly Gathering:

Pray as we are seeking for a public meeting place. The Services of Worship, Preaching and Teaching will be scheduled on Wednesdays from 5:00 - 8:00

           Rosh Chodesh:

The next new moon sighting will be June 15th-16th.  We will be assembling outside for open air services at each Rosh Chodesh.  Stay tuned! Time and location to be annouced shortly.